Thailand Summer Program 2020

5 weeks of adventure travel and volunteering in Thailand – the ultimate summer gap experience.

5 amazing weeks of…

Sun, green hills and crystal clear waters.

Stand out work experience that will set you apart from the graduate crowd.

Seeing the world differently and making a difference to young lives.

Asian adventures – Water sports, trekking, paragliding and more!

An experience that will change your life forever in more ways than you can imagine.


Our Thailand Summer Program departs in:








Want to know more about Thailand?


You can travel for as long as you like, whenever you like but our next group program departs for 5 weeks in Thailand on 3 July 2020. You can stay for anywhere between 2-16 weeks depending on your plans. Check out our Gap Year programs if you are looking to stay for longer. We also offer group discounts if you wish to travel with your friends.

I participated in an Africa Asia Ventures trip in the summer and it was honestly one of the most impactful and incredible things I have done so far in my life!

The AV team was so helpful and kind, ensuring we were safe and were fully organised for the trip, and once out there the representatives were friendly and so easy to get on with. I didn’t know anyone prior to the trip, but made a few good friends whilst there. The best thing about AV is you see first hand where your money goes, and how it directly benefits people. I was pushed out of my comfort zone in the best way possible, and in the process I learned so much about myself.

I could not recommend this programme more enthusiastically; I encourage all to take a look at it and consider going on the adventure of a life time!

Georgie, Summer Program

What can you do in Thailand?

Thailand fun in a natural lake
Swim in a natural lake

Thailand is full of hidden gems like natural lakes where you can relax and have fun with friends

Have fun on the beach in Thailand
Try a different way to travel

From your base on the Maekok River you can try rafting, kayaking, abseiling and many other activities

Go trekking in Thailand
Trek across Thailand

One of the best ways to discover a country is on foot so trek to see local temples and wildlife and see the real Thailand

Night life in Thailand
Night life and festivals

Thailand is famous for its beach parties and festivals. Travel after your volunteering program and enjoy the night life.

Thailand Summer Program: Summary


Departs: Create your own customized trip, or join a scheduled group departure – the choice is yours.

Accommodation: Self catered houses

Project work: Teaching, Sports Coaching, Art, Music, Drama, Community Work

Explore further: Kayaking, Hill Tribe villages, Chiang Mai, Temples



Welcome and briefing – get to know your group and learn about your project and local life.

Volunteer Project

Your skills will be well used. Help with school renovation projects, in the classroom or other school activities.


Use your weekends to explore the local area, and take part in all that it has to offer.


About the Program

Welcome & Briefing

Your flight will need to take you all the way through to Chiang Rai via Bangkok, arrive by midday on the day your summer program starts in Thailand and you will be met by an Africa & Asia Venture representative. After leaving Chiang Rai, you will travel for a couple of hours to the Maekok River Village Resort in Tha Ton, for an introduction to Thailand and a three-day briefing on your project.

It is a chance to settle in, unwind after the hectic few days leading up to your departure and get to know your AV group. The briefing is important to make sure you are fully prepared for the five weeks ahead. As well as covering the teaching and community work you will be involved with, the course will include the following:

  • History, customs and culture of Thailand and its people
  • Teaching techniques and lesson practice
  • Safety, health and security
  • Some Thai lessons
The Project

After your briefing you will travel to your new home; a rural school not far from Tha Ton – your base for the next five weeks. You will spend this time living and working in the community, teaching English and getting involved with other activities in the community.

The Thai schools’ English syllabus is entirely an exercise in writing, so neither teachers nor children get a chance to speak it. That’s where you come in! You will teach each class in your school two or three times per week, helping the Thai English teacher with pronunciation and giving the children a massive boost in confidence. You may be asked by teachers and villagers to run separate classes for them. You can also play sports with the children (each school has a pitch at its centre) or perhaps help with art and paint some murals, with your pupils, to brighten up school buildings.

Each day you will spend time socialising with the villagers; teachers will explain the Thai way of life and traditions and, perhaps, teach you some Thai dancing or Takraw (a sort of cross between volleyball and football).  This is a great chance to make new friends – they will be keen to talk about where you are from, your family and life at home, whilst you can practice your Thai!

The Maekok River Village Project have set up a Special Educational Needs Centre in Tha Ton, and Africa & Asia Venture volunteers are welcome to support the new facility and its students. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about the Centre.

In your free time you can do as you wish and explore the area. The Maekok Resort will arrange for you to enjoy some weekend activities like trekking in Fang National Park, cycling, archery, rock climbing, Chiang Mai, and kayaking on the Maekok River!

After your final night in Chiang Rai we will take you to the airport in time to catch your flight home.

Food & Accommodation

Your house will be situated on the school grounds, or nearby, giving you the chance to experience rural Thai life. An important part of the Africa & Asia Venture experience is living locally, shop at the markets, and help where you can.

The house itself will probably have a bedroom(s), a communal/cooking area and somewhere to wash. Electricity is intermittent at best, and your house will probably have a typical Asian loo. Wherever you will be staying, you will grow to love it and soon feel very much at home!

We encourage independence you will be doing your own washing, buying your food in nearby markets and prepare meals, a food allowance is provided by us. Lunch is normally cooked by the school.  This is the best way of getting to know people, being involved in the community and gaining an understanding of living there – you are not a bystander watching from afar.

You will need to boil water from a local source or buy bottled water.

What's included

Before departure:

  • Pre-departure information, support and advice
  • A nominated member of the UK volunteer support team
  • Advice on individual flight arrangements


  • In-country representative
  • 24/7 in-country backup
  • Meet and greet at airport (if arriving with the group)
  • Airport transfer (if arriving/departing with group)
  • In-country briefing
  • Transport whilst on project
  • Accommodation whilst on project
  • Food whilst on project
  • Accompanied by a project leader
  • Management of emergencies, including lost passport, illness, etc. whilst in-country

Upon returning home:

  • Returning home advice
  • Full telephone debriefing

What’s not included:

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Country visas
  • Meeting of non-group arrivals
  • Accommodation for early/late arrivals
  • Medical expenses, e.g. inoculations, malaria prophylactics
  • In-country medical expenses
  • Drinks, or bottled water
  • Tips/gratuities – No tips/gratuities for Africa & Asia Venture staff are necessary or expected
  • Spending money
  • Extra activities that you choose to do
  • Weekend activities, transport, food, accommodation away from the project
  • Independent travel

Dates & Costs

Create your own customized trip, or join a scheduled group departure – the choice is yours.

Next group departure:

3rd July to 7th August 2020

See our Group Program Dates & Costs for full details or contact us if you’re looking for a customized trip.

5 Weeks (summer program): £1,945

See our Group Program Dates & Costs for full details or contact us if you’re looking for a customized trip.

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You could try our Thailand gap year program.

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