Africa & Asia Venture (AV) – Mission Statement

Our mission at Africa & Asia Venture (AV) is to create rewarding opportunities for young people to live and work in the developing world, to give them ‘an experience for life’ and to promote global citizenship.
We aim to be a leading and respected ‘year out’ specialist provider with a reputation for professionalism and welfare second to none.

Our objectives are:
• To provide a dynamic scheme that effectively meets our volunteers needs and aspirations in concert with the
requirements of our overseas host countries.
• To provide a challenging, educational, fun and rewarding experience for our volunteers whilst ensuring high standards of safety and welfare are maintained.
• To ensure that our volunteers get the most from their experience through our expertise and understanding of the developing world.
• To provide operational excellence at all times through sound and professional management and in-country support.
• To constantly improve standards and the quality of our services and consistently add value to our schemes.
• To ensure host countries gain and benefit from the scheme.

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