Take your Gap Year in Asia

Experience a world of adventure, incredible landscapes and amazing history
when you travel on a Gap Year in Asia.

Why join us in Asia….


Immerse yourself in the local culture; don’t be a tourist


We are a specialist Gap Year company with our own programs – we never rely on a 3rd party


Operating Gap Year programs since 1993


Travel whenever you like, for as long as you like


Travel independently but with support from us, AV are with you every step of the way

What can you do in Asia?

Soak up the culture


Immerse yourself in the history and culture of this ancient continent.


Volunteer to teach and build lasting friendships with the locals.

Community projects

Help brighten up the learning environment for children.

Coach Sports

Children love to play sport – help build confidence through playing games and team sports.


Soar above the clouds and see the breath-taking landscape from a different point of view.

Conquer Everest


Climb to the Mount Everest base camp on an adventure of a lifetime or trek to Annapurna.

Enjoy festivals

Climb to the Mount Everest base camp on an adventure of a lifetime or trek to Annapurna.


Enjoy a moment of piece and go kayaking on your Gap Year in Asia

Visit famous landmarks

Asia has a rich and varied history so find time to see the sights including the Taj Mahal.

Learn new skills

Try the local sports such as shooting bow and arrows – you might discover a hidden talent!

Swim in a natural lake

Asia is full of hidden gems like natural lakes where you can relax and have fun with friends.

Enjoy your surroundings


The scenery is stunning in the hills of Asia and adventure waits round every corner

Bungee jumping

Take a leap of faith and enjoy an adventure you will talk about for years to come!


Try rafting on a traditional raft to experience a new way to travel in style!

Sample the local cuisine

Asian food is quite simply amazing! Sample all the local delicacies and street food while you are there.

Night life and festivals

Asia is famous for its beach parties and festivals so make the most of the night life.

Take the toy train

Travel like a local on the affectionately named ‘Toy Train’

Get close to nature

Take a wild ride on an elephant and maybe get a shower too!

Camel safari

Take a trip on a camel safari and sleep out in the desert under the stars

At Africa & Asia Venture (AV) we believe in a different type of gap year travel.

Where there’s adventure and excitement but also where you find your second home.
Where you don’t just look at the scenery, you become part of the community.
It’s more than travel.
It’s a different way to see the world.


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Where can you go on a Gap Year in Asia?


We believe that you can make a difference in your Gap Year… and you will be amazed at the difference in yourself too!

Visit Nepal and live in the foothills of the Himalayas. Help the children in this remote region learn English and other subjects that you are passionate about and you will experience gratitude like never before.

Climb to Everest base camp, go searching for Tigers in Nepals national parks or travel in to nearby India to see the sights and explore this beautiful part of the world.

Gap year Nepal
Thailand Gap Year


Away from the busy cities and tourists, there is a different side to Thailand that few people will experience on their Gap Year.

With AV you have an opportunity to inspire and be inspired by Thailand and its amazing people.

Explore the white sandy beaches, enjoy water sports, visit temples or travel across Asia. Whatever you decide to do with your Gap Year in Thailand, you have the opportunity to add stand out work experience to your CV at the same time by volunteering with us.


Experience a hidden India and stay with the remote Lepcha community

Explore the sounds, smells and colours of India’s bustling cities and then immerse yourself in a very different side of this vast and incredibly varied country. The Lepcha community is like nowhere else on Earth, you will immediately feel like part of the family when you arrive at your home for the duration of your stay and you will become a celebrity amongst the local school children when you start your volunteering placement to help them with their English.

Gap year India

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