Gap Year at home

If you can't travel to Africa or Asia, there are other things you can do to enhance your skills.



A TEFL or TESOL course is perfect if you are looking to learn a new skill for the future, even if you won’t be teaching overseas. A CELTA course is the top qualification and you can even earn money from teaching after you have completed your course.

Learn a language

Now is the perfect time to learn a language! It might be from the comfort of your own home or overseas for a full-immersion experience. You can choose from 1:1 lessons online, internships, work experience or home-stay options.

If you want to include a period of language study, get in touch so we can tell you more about our preferred partner.

E-Gap Year

Have you decided to stay in your home country on your Gap Year? That doesn’t mean you have to miss out – we can suggest the perfect e-gap year program that you can complete from home via Zoom. If you are particularly interested in Youth Leadership in Global Health, please get in touch.

Career Counselling

Whilst at university – and after – career choices need to be confronted. Some young people have clear goals and know how to set themselves on the road to achieving them. Others have good ideas but would like advice on how they go about things – and even how they make themselves more attractive to potential employers. Yet more have no ideas and need much more help and guidance.

If you would be interested in getting some career advice and guidance, please get in touch.

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