Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC)

AV’s summer and gap year full-immersion volunteering programs are designed to enable young people to make a meaningful contribution to communities in developing countries. They are meant to be challenging (emotionally, mentally and physically) – and purposeful.

These EEC are intended to help potential participants understand what to expect and what will be expected of them if they are accepted into an AV program.

1. General
All participants must: –
a. Be aged between 17 and 25 when they start their AV program.
b. Be able to speak, read and write English – but they may come from any country: although AV is based in the UK we have had participants from 30+ countries.
c. Be able to fund their time with AV being the program cost and all ancillary costs such as flights, visas, insurance etc.
d. Treat with respect all members of the group, local contacts and others they encounter whilst on the AV program.
e. Take responsibility for and manage their health and well being independently, including but not limited to: hydration, general nutrition, mobility and administration of any prescription medication.
f. Listen to and respond quickly to instructions given by AV staff.
g. Cope with the stresses brought upon by living and travelling with others in countries that are drastically different from the participants’ home.

2. Physical
All participants must: –
a. Be prepared to live in very basic accommodation.
b. Be prepared to share living and sleeping space with others, often in very close proximity.
c. Be prepared to help cook, clean, tidy up etc in such accommodation.
d. Be able to carry all of their own gear.
e. Discuss any medical issues (pre-existing, chronic or ones that arise during the program) with AV’s staff.

3. Emotional
All participants must:
a. Be able to communicate openly, honestly and respectfully on any subject with their peers, local people and AV staff.
b. Commit to creating a safe environment for all group members and not, in any circumstance, threaten others physically or verbally

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