Find your own path and be yourself

An AV adventure is about more than just travelling, it’s about making your own rules, creating memories that are just for you and to just be yourself. We don’t believe in the normal route, the well-trodden path, the signposted road. We believe in the road less travelled and we’ve built an entire travel experience around this idea.

 Read on for more details on the AV way to travel and find your freedom.

Take a different Gap Year, be yourself

Be yourself

 In a world of global travel opportunities, there are many who choose to follow everyone else. With Gap Years, it’s common to go to Thailand and South East Asia, only to spend the whole time surrounded by tourists, never really seeing the place you travelled to see.

 We don’t believe in big ticket travel, focussed on being seen and ticking off destinations without ever experiencing them. Instead, we look to all our travellers to be themselves and be genuine. Follow your own path and see the world differently.

Take a Gap Year and be yourself

Do what you want to do

Our travel experiences are about making your own rules, be yourself – you have the power to create the experience you want. With all our programs, you get out what you put in. The experience relies on your making the most of what’s in front of you and doing it your way. This makes it the best way to travel if you’ve got big ideas and lots of get up and go. It’s travel for the brave and the truly adventurous.


Be who you want to be

 When you travel to a place where no one knows you, with a new language and new culture, you can be the person you want to be. When you leave the familiar world behind, where everything is ordinary and expected, you can truly be yourself. This is one of the most special parts of travel – the ultimate freedom.

 We support you every step of the way so you’re free to be who you want to be and travel how you want to.

Empower yourself and be yourself

Take control of your Gap Year

We work to empower all our travellers to give them the chance to create their ideal Gap Year experience. We believe in expansive experiences that change the way you look at the world and the people in it. We give you the power you need to seek out new places, knowing that we are right behind you if you need us. Our in-country representatives are just a phone call away but otherwise you are out on your own, drawing strength from your fellow AVs and relying on yourself.


Empower yourself

When you have the confidence to travel anywhere you want in the world, you take on a new power that goes above and beyond anything you can experience at home. Having the freedom to wake up every day and decide where you want to go is like nothing else. We want everyone to have the opportunity to feel that way. Empower yourself and travel solo. Don’t look back and see how far you’ll go, be yourself.

Take control of your Gap Year, be yourself

You do you

What we’re really trying to say is to find out what makes you happy and stick to it. Don’t hold back from finding your own path because you’re worried that no one else is doing it. When you expand your horizons you will find people just like you, who are there because they want to be. You do you and the world will open up in front of your eyes.

This is the AV way.

Where would you go to be yourself?

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