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Volunteering abroad with AV is unforgettable......Once an AV, always an AV

Africa & Asia Venture (AV) is a not-for-profit social enterprise. Based in the UK and established in 1993, AV specialises in gap year and summer volunteer projects in the developing world for 17 - 25 year olds.

Last Minute Departures...

Places still available on some of our projects departing in January & February 2015.

Call us now to chat about your plans ......

Last Minute Departures...

We Offer.....

Group based gap year and volunteer projects in rural communities, where you live the way the locals live; AND

Designated travel time to go wherever you wish

ALL with dedicated, 24/7, in-country support

We Offer.....

Journey for Life

Endless laughter, unforgettable experiences and amazing friendships.

Travel with a group of volunteers and make life long friends

"Once an AV, always an AV"

Journey for Life

Helping Others to Help Yourself....

Meet some of our AV volunteers who found their time volunteering gave them the edge later in life!

Rory, Sean and Will all joined our Teaching, Sports Coaching & Community Ventures across Africa.



Helping Others to Help Yourself....

Where can I go?

We offer an expanding list of gap year and volunteering projects abroad which include a variety of countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

What can I do?

With our specialist knowledge and experience we'll help you make the most of your skills, hobbies, passion and enthusiasm.


Short on time?

Our Mini Ventures offer the perfect solution for those limited on time but looking for an action packed adventure, with a purpose.