Meaningful gap year and summer volunteering programs in the developing world.

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Volunteer abroad with Africa & Asia Venture (AV)

Our vision is to create volunteer opportunities for you to live and work in the developing world, to have an ‘experience for life’ and to promote global citizenship.

Our expertise and knowledge will allow you to get the most from your experience whilst knowing you are in safe hands.


Cultural immersion

Experience a new culture and way of life by being part of it.


Make an impact

Carefully selected projects where you can make a lasting difference.


Independent travel

The opportunity to explore the region that is now your second home.


Independence + support

Balance of individual independence yet providing 24/7 in-country support.



With other AV volunteers to share experiences, support and friendships.



We look after you as an individual from the time you first get in touch.

AV Volunteers

Man-years of service



Unique experiences

Experience is everything

“The life lessons our daughter learnt on AV will serve her well for the rest of her life. Some things cannot be taught, only experienced.” Linda, AV parent.

AV gives you the opportunity to experience…

Independence | Teamwork | Different perspectives | New skills | Life without technology | Adventure | Real challenges | Another language | A different you | Leadership | Diversity | Mentoring | Life away from home | New friendships |Personal growth | Freedom | The world | A new country | Contrast | Cultural understanding | Organisational skills | Adaptability | Communication skills | Self-motivation | Problem-solving | Joy | Initiative | Fundraising | Coaching | A different way of life | Teaching | Sense of accomplishment | Global citizenship | Making an impact

Every AV story is unique. What will yours be?

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Where will you go?

We have long term partnerships with communities across Africa and Asia where our gap year volunteers can make a genuine impact.

Our communities

We run immersion volunteering programs in nine countries across Africa and Asia.

Where will you go?

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What will you do?

Whatever you are passionate about, we can find the placement where you can have the greatest impact.

Make an impact

We are passionate about the impact young people can have on the world around us. You have an abundance of skills, talents, passion and enthusiasm which have the potential to make a difference.

Tell us about your skills and talents and we’ll find the perfect placement for you!

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Last-minute spaces

Ready to go? We still have a few spaces on our May programs if you just can’t wait!
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