Compelling and unforgettable Nepal

From our introductory moments until our final farewells a day in Nepal never ceased to amaze or touch me.

Our first weeks were spent adapting and learning about the cultures and traditions that were then to become second nature to us. There was hardly a moment to dwell on home amid Nepali lessons and getting to know one another. Even after we had acclimatized to the country, our roles, and routines, the local people and children kept our interest everyday in our school placements with their achievements and the impact that we seemed to be having.


Unforgettable gap year in Nepal

Gorkha shower experience!


After our initial phase in Gorkha we settled into a rhythm of rolling out of bed, walking to school, teaching, buying our food, cooking together, diary writing, catching up with our landlord and friends and, exploring our surroundings at weekends and half term.

The days started to pass even more quickly as time went on and it was half term before we knew it. Wonderful memories include times spent relaxing at the Gurkha Inn, the memorable bucket showers, having our salwars (traditional dress) made and fitted, and going to the houses of teachers and students, as well as many hilarious lessons and incidents… too many to count!

It really was a wrench to leave, and Gorkha and its people will always hold a special place to AVs, unique for all, but equally as compelling and unforgettable.


AV gap year program, Nepal

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