Why The Top 10 London Universities Value Gap Years

Far from being just a holiday, a Gap Year is an opportunity to get ahead in your university and job applications. There is no substitute for a Gap Year for learning new skills and improving on existing ones. But don’t just take our word for it, read on to find out why top London universities value Gap Years.

London Universities value Gap Years so why not add teaching children in Asia to your CV

London universities value Gap Years students

A Gap Year can provide you with a unique opportunity to gain experiences that set you apart from other candidates. King’s College London agrees that a Gap Year can be a great choice for students looking to “…gain specific experience, earn funds in preparation for their studies or generally broaden their interests.” University admissions now look for evidence that you are an enthusiastic and motivated candidate with a range of skills and hobbies, beyond what it says on your academic record.

As a London Gap Year company, AV is recommended by SOAS university in London and is ideal for students interested in studying African and Asian languages, Anthropology, History, Politics, Religion and similar degrees. The immersive experience that AV offers puts it above other Gap Year programs, giving you a chance to really prove your abilities, regardless of your chosen subject and appeal to London universities that value Gap Years.

London Universities value Gap Years, why not boost it by adding teaching in South Africa
London Universities value Gap Years, add to your skills by climbing Everest
London Univerities value Gap Years, stand out from the crowd by doing a volunteering project

Hear why London Universities value Gap Years…

UCL – A leading multi-disciplinary university in the heart of London 

“Whether you want to learn a new skill, raise your cultural awareness or buy yourself some thinking time before making the move into work or further study, a gap year could be the answer.”

Imperial College London – A one-of-a-kind London university, ranked 9th in the world 

“Taking time out […] can give you a chance to further develop your skills, as well as giving you the opportunity perhaps to travel and work in a different country.”

SOAS – A London university ranked first in Europe for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East

“Some time spent productively overseas, on a Gap project for example, can be a great help for personal development and for the understanding it offers of other cultures”

London Universities value Gap Years, do some volunteering in Malawi

AV is proud to be a London Gap Year company

With over 25 years experience as Gap Year providers, AV has worked with prospective students and graduates from a whole range of London universities. Our location near London allows us to give up-to-date, relevant advice to students hoping to study at any of the top 10 London universities. We understand what makes a Gap Year meaningful and how to ensure our Gap Year participants gain the skills they need to stand out in their university applications.

That’s why over the last 25 years, we have seen our AV’s go on to study at top London universities including Imperial College, Kings College, London School of Economics, University College, SOAS and nearby Oxford and Cambridge.

As our programs are flexible you can tailor them to suit your interests and subject choice, helping you gain the skills you need for future study and your career. Whether it’s organising an activity for the children you’re working with, volunteering at other institutions in the area or simply helping your neighbours in their daily lives, you will have the opportunity to do something new every day you are away.

Take a look at our Gap Year programs to find out more or speak to one of our Gap Year advisers for free, impartial advice on finding a Gap Year that’s right for you.

Find out what a Gap Year could do for you

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