Why a Gap Year in Nepal Could Be Perfect For You

If you’re making plans for next year, it’s time to consider a Gap Year in Nepal. Maybe you’re looking for something to make your CV or resume stand out from the crowd or want some good stories to tell at interview, maybe you’re craving a chance to get off the grid and out of your comfort zone. Whatever your reasons, Nepal offers all of these opportunities and more.
Gap Year Volunteer in Nepal with children

Boost your CV or resume with a Gap Year in Nepal

Are you looking for something to put on your CV or resume? Have you listed all your skills but have no examples to back them up? Far from being just a holiday, a Gap Year can be awesome for your CV or resume and can make a big difference when you’re applying for jobs or writing your personal statement for uni. If you’re finishing school and taking a break before university or you’ve just graduated and want to do something different before launching into work, a Gap Year in Nepal can be a great choice.

It is not enough just to have top grades anymore, employers want to see evidence that you are an interesting person with transferrable skills. An AV Gap Year is ideal for demonstrating problem-solving, teamwork and leadership abilities. A big part of the experience is teaching in a local school where you will have responsibility for planning your lessons and leading classes, an experience not many school leavers can match!

On top of that, you’ll be living in a Nepalese village, overcoming cultural differences and integrating within the community, giving you the best start possible for going to university or into the workplace. These experiences will give you a huge confidence boost for approaching the next stage in your life – when you have lived in Nepal for a month, you can do anything!


Paragliding, one of the things to do on a Gap Year in Nepal
Everest prayer flags
Gap Year Volunteer with Nepalese children

A Gap Year in Nepal is a story you will tell forever

Of course, life isn’t all about having a good CV. You might also be looking for an experience that gives you an edge and a host of good stories. It’s easy enough to stay at home and boast about that time you took a trip to Spain, but a Gap Year in Nepal is a little bit different and a lot more inspiring!

The AV Nepal program is completely unique, offering a full immersion experience that redefines what a Gap Year should be. Lounging on a beach can be fun but it’s not very interesting. In Nepal you’d be meeting new people every day and experiencing the real world. You also have the chance to travel around Nepal and to neighbouring India at the end of the program. At the weekends, you can have a go at paragliding and mountain biking or head to Pokhara for the spectacular sunrise on Annapurna.

The only way to make memories you will truly remember is to do something completely unique. When you look back on your gap year, you will be able to say that you went somewhere only a handful of travellers have been before. Those are the real stories.


Having fun, making friends for life on a Gap Year in Nepal.

Live “off-grid” and see the world differently 

A Gap Year in Nepal is about going all in. With limited internet and electricity, you’ll have a chance to really get off the grid. You can disconnect from social media and the pressures of everyday life and focus on the things that really matter. The program is based in one of the most dramatic and beautiful landscapes in the world, surrounded by mountains. It’s a chance to test your limits and connect with a part of yourself that you might not even know you have.

As a volunteer, you will find that the Nepalese people will treat you with respect and kindness, placing you above all other tourists in their country. They will hugely appreciate your decision to come to their home and give your time to helping their children. For some, it will be their first time practicing English with a native speaker. It takes a special kind of person to take a break from normal life and move somewhere completely new, and we think that is what makes a Gap Year in Nepal such a life changing experience.


Making friends with the local children on a Gap Year in Nepal.

Do you have what it takes?

Whatever your motivation for taking a Gap Year, whether it is one or all three, or none of the above, there are so many reasons that a Gap Year in Nepal could be perfect for you. We know it can be tempting to go down the route that many Gap Year students take, either staying at home or travelling to popular tourist destinations, but we really believe that the way to make the most out of your Gap Year is to make it count and leave the beaten track.

What makes an AV Gap Year in Nepal different

Our AV programs are flexible so you can decide whether to come for 2 weeks to 16 weeks, depending on your plans for the year. We also have a team of dedicated AV staff to help you every step of the way. Before you travel, our London based team will help with the planning stage. Then once you’re away on your Gap Year, our Nepal-based program leader will give you all the essential local knowledge and be on hand to help whenever you need, offering 24/7 support while you are there. An AV experience is a chance to do something meaningful, get out of your comfort zone, learn new skills and see a hidden part of the world! A Gap Year in Nepal ticks all the boxes.


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