Kamau & Anna

Meet Kamau. He’s 14. He lives in Jinja, Uganda.

Kamau always sat at the back of the class. He was taller than the others and never took part in class discussions.

After class one day, Anna asked Kamau why he never participated. Embarrassed, he explained that he could neither read nor write. He had been held back because he hadn’t progressed enough academically to move up with his peers. Anna thought he might be dyslexic and offered to help him out of class in the afternoons.

In the shade of a tree and with the help of a simple “learn to read” book, they began at the beginning.

Gradually, and very slowly, Kamau began to grasp the basics. He was overcome by Anna’s help.

Anna understood the pressure that teachers were under and that they could not give him the time and individual help that he needed. However, that’s exactly what she could give.

It may sound like a small thing but to Kamau, it was far from small; improving his literacy skills will give him a head-start and access to a world of new opportunities. By giving him one-to-one attention and helping him on to a different path, Anna made a profound difference in Kamau’s life.

Just as he did in hers.


What will your story be?

Our volunteers make a difference in the communities we work with in numerous different ways. For some it is coaching sports, for others it is volunteering with healthcare or other community projects and for many like Anna, it is helping children to read and write. The possibilities are endless.

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