AV Alumni Joanne Dwyer on Huff Post

Kenya AV Joanne Dwyer is on the Huff Post this week!

Joanne is a British writer who first fell in love with Africa when she volunteered with us in Kenya in 2004.  She’s been writing about education since graduating and is the founding director of an educational charity working with schools in Kenya. She’s also setting up a second organisation focused on teacher training and offering business skills training and advice for girls. She lives with her South African-born partner in Kenya.

An excerpt of the Huff Post piece, The Man in the Airport Cafe:

“My insistence on taking long, ostensibly romantic journeys via various, uncomfortable modes of transport in the hopes of seeking out a handsome stranger had seemed, as my friend Sally put it, ‘an endearing quirk’.

The closest I got to it was when a man started taking my photo on the streets of Paris, like a member of the paparazzi, as I came out of Notre Dame. He turned out to be a professional photographer who liked to find his subjects among the crowds, even if this meant half stalking them. We went for coffee, but it became more of a photoshoot than a conversation as he kept clicking away at me from across the table.”

You can read Joanne’s blog, based on her life in Africa at Sunset under the Baobab Tree or on the Huff Post.


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