“Having an incredibly great time”

School children playing

Having fun with the school children


My son Dan is currently on your Tanzania scheme and I’m very happy to report that after a rough first 3 weeks he’s now having an incredibly great time!  I’ve been exchanging emails with Dan since he left, but today was the first time I was able to talk to him on the phone.  He told me over and over again what a great help you guys at AV have been to him and the other members of his group.

He had high praise for the training he received during the orientation days before he headed to his school to begin his experience.  He told me today that he uses what he was taught during the orientation every day and that he’s been in situations already where if he hadn’t had your training he could have been in trouble.  Dan is really enjoying his teaching assignments and has been given some English classes and sports classes that he and Jack are able to teach on their own.

I want to thank you and everyone else at AV who helped my son when I couldn’t be there to help him. Dan told me today that he would enthusiastically recommend AV to anyone interested in a gap year venture.  I would too!

Thank you again for everything!

Mike, USA

(Father of Tanzania AV – Dan)

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