Graduating this summer? Enjoy one last adventure before work begins!

If you are graduating from university or college this year then life is about to get very real, very quickly. Once you land your first graduate job you will quickly become wedded to the rat race and the relentless pace of working life. But before you get stuck in the work-to-live cycle, there is still time for one last adventure!

Spend 5 weeks in Africa or Asia this summer and you can enjoy a final hurrah of sun, sea and finding yourself in a foreign land before the real work begins. After all, you may never get the opportunity to spend five glorious weeks travelling again. The meme ‘one life, live it’ has never been more true…

Enjoy a final adventure before graduating

So, where will you go on your great adventure?

Whilst you want to have a final, thrilling travel experience before you start your graduate job, you probably don’t want to take too long out of the job market either. That is where our 5 week summer programs come in! You get the same amazing ‘Gap Year’ experience but it is condensed in to a manageable 5 week period so you are home in time to start your new job in September. We have programs departing in July or August and you can choose to travel to either Kenya or Thailand.

Enjoy white sand and blue seas after graduating on our short program in Kenya

White sand and blue seas in beautiful Kenya

If your perfect holiday involves sunbathing on a sandy beach surrounded by palm trees and crystal clear waters then you will love our summer program in Kenya. It isn’t all beach days and water sports though, at AV we offer full immersion gap year experiences, where you can live, shop, eat and work like a local and see the world differently.

You can boost your CV with invaluable work experience that will help you stand out from the crowd in the interviews for your first graduate job, and give something back before you join the commercial world of work.Volunteer in a rural village school during the week and then sunbathe, socialise and enjoy the water sports at Diani beach at the weekends.

It is the perfect compromise between a meaningful experience where you will learn things you never knew about yourself and the world around you, and a relaxing holiday before you start your new job. What’s not to love?!

With group programs departing in July and August for 5 weeks, there is sure to be a program that suits your diary. Find out more about our summer program in Kenya or get in touch .

Make the most of your time after graduating and travel to Thailand

Crystal clear waters and green mountains in Thailand

Thailand is a classic Gap Year destination but leave the busy tourist spots to the teenagers and explore off the beaten track to discover the true beauty of this amazing country.

In northern Thailand the crystal clear waters of the natural lakes lap against the shore and create the perfect environment to relax after graduating and prepare yourself for working full time. You can sail traditional boats, catch fish, try snorkelling or simply unwind. Venture further inland, and you will be surrounded by green spaces as the tea plantations stretch for miles around and this is where you will find your home for the next five weeks.

Our full immersion programs allow you to experience a different way of life as you live, shop, eat and work in the local community and we guarantee you will come home a different person to the graduate that left. Not only will you enjoy a myriad of different experiences but you can also add stand out work experience to your CV which should help you to secure a graduate job when you return home. It really is a win/win!

Find out more about our Thailand summer program which departs in July for 5 weeks, or get in touch to discuss your plans, we would love to hear from you.

Make the most of the time after graduating and live life to the full

Congratulations on graduating!

Everyone at AV would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on graduating from your university or college course, and whatever you decide to do this summer, we hope you make it count. Take it from us, you will never get this opportunity for adventure travel again once you join the career ladder, at least not for any length of time anyway. You will be lucky if you get to enjoy five weeks holiday for the whole year once you are working, so take these five weeks now before you miss your chance…

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