Essential water supply at St Joseph’s School

No drinking water. No school.

It’s so easy to take a water supply for granted when it’s consistent. But imagine if it isn’t?

After damage was caused to their primary water supply, St Joseph’s School in Gitdubling, India has been facing huge challenges trying to continue to run effectively.

The school caters to the less privileged students from the remote villages who reside at the school during term time. Up until recently, they were able to get drinking water from the public supply, but when this was vandalised, they were left without a consistent supply. The repercussions are huge. There are 700 pupils currently enrolled in the school but it cannot be run without drinking water.

The solution is to connect to a better, more permanent source 3km away and then to store the water locally, but to do this comes at a significant cost. Thankfully, our charity, the AV Foundation, has been able assist by funding the work thanks to our amazing supporters and volunteers. Hopefully construction will begin soon so the school can get back to normal and get back to focusing on their primary purpose: teaching.


St Josephs School India - water project

Thanks to our AV Foundation supporters for helping to keep these pupils in school.


We can’t thank our AV Foundation supporters enough. It’s you who make projects like this possible.

We want to make sure we can help the next time we are needed. Please visit our AV Foundation page to find out how you can help. And follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you want to keep up-to-date with the project.

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