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The AV #justchalkchallenge


Inspire someone today!

Take part in the AV #justchalkchallenge by sharing your passion with the world.

The Challenge

  1.  What are you passionate about? Write or draw something about it using just chalk.
  2. Post a picture of it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #justchalkchallenge.
  3. Tag @justchalkchallenge and someone who inspires you to take part.

* As a thank-you for taking part in the challenge, every month (through until May), we will randomly select a submission to win a $50 USD Amazon gift voucher. You can enter as many times as you like.

We will be showcasing entries on our website, Instagram and Facebook pages. Keep checking to see if yours is featured!


Why just chalk?

Education is not the same the world over. In the developed world, we are so used to technology in our daily lives, it is easy to take it for granted and forget that in many countries, chalk is still one of the main mediums used for teaching. In addition, books and other supplies are limited and very often the infrastructure is inadequate.

In remote rural areas of Africa and Asia, access to a decent education is the key to a better future and we are passionate about helping to make it a reality for every child. Our charity, the AV Foundation, aims to enhance the quality of education in these communities by helping to improve the infrastructure – constructing and refurbishing school buildings including classrooms, toilets and libraries.

The #justchalkchallenge is our way of reminding ourselves what we can do to impact the world around us, whether locally, nationally or globally. Passion goes a long way.

Be part of something. Join us in raising awareness and show what you can do to #makeadifference.


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AV #justchalkchallenge

No chalk?

We know many of you don’t have access to chalk on a daily basis, but you can still take part by downloading our digital chalkboard. Click on the image to open it.

Entry from Grace, our in-country manager in Kenya

We're all getting involved!

We’ve had the AV team having a go too – Here’s one from Grace, our in-country manager in Kenya

Want to do more?

Get involved with the AV Foundation and our campaigns, find out about projects we’re planning and see how you can help us #makeadifference.

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