AV Foundation join Cheltenham College to support Kenyan school

Students volunteering in Kenya  Classroom roof structure Gogar Primary School  

We were delighted to welcome Cheltenham college students to Kenya for October half term. The students  joined AV to work with the Vanessa Grant Trust at Gogar Primary School.

A total of £14,127 was fundraised between Cheltenham College students, Chaplaincy Fund, Cheltenham College Charities Trust and The AV Foundation to build the new Edward Wilson Learning and Innovation Classroom. The building structure was completed by contractors during the week of Cheltenham College’s visit and will be fully completed within the next month once walls are dry to allow for painting, tiling, and the addition of windowpanes.

During their time at Gogar Primary School, students redesigned and repainted four classrooms to comply with Kenyan exam regulations, reorganised the library, led a day of lessons and two afternoons of sport.

Huge thanks go to Cheltenham College for all their hard work to fundraise and support the primary school. We look forward to seeing you in Kenya again soon.

Edward Wilson Classroom Gogar Primary School Kenya  Cheltenham College team Kenya 2023  



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