Find 4 seasons in 1 trip with a Gap Year to India

Experience a whole year of adventures in one trip with a Gap Year to India! India is a country of endless variety and contrasts, home to vast deserts, incredible mountain ranges, tea plantations and beautiful beaches. With just one holiday, you can have all the experiences of a whole year in one country! Read on to find out more.

Experience the scenery on a Gap Year to India


Look forward to Spring with a Gap Year to India, offering all the best parts of the season at any time of the year! With wildlife, lush greenery and sunny skies, India’s tea plantations are a great destination to experience the country bursting into life. Sample the fragrant teas of India which have helped make these regions famous across the world. Learn about the process of producing tea in Darjeeling and Assam and discover a unique and amazing adventure in India’s springlike landscape.

You needn’t limit your visit to springtime, you can find a tea region that’s perfect for every time of the year! In the Nilgiri mountains in south India, tea is produced throughout the whole year but the best time to go is during the winter, from late November to February! Alternatively, for the best tea in Assam, visit between May and June.

Check out the tea plantations on a Gap Year to India


Experience the searing heat of the hottest summer in India’s incredible Thar Desert. Known as the Great Indian Desert, this 200,000km² region in the northwest of India is an impressive and imposing summery destination. Watch the sun rise over the rolling orange dunes, ride on camels, go dune bashing and find out the incredible story behind one of the world’s largest deserts. The good news is that you can escape quickly and head to cooler climates when the heat gets too much! It’s summer on demand when you do a Gap Year in India!

Do something you cant at home when on your Gap Year to India


In many parts of the world, Autumn is a time for celebrations and festivals. Look out for a whole range of festivals in India that you won’t find anywhere else! Perhaps the best known Indian festival is Divali, which takes place every Autumn to mark the start of the Hindu New Year. This celebration is colourful and fun, lasting for a total of five days! People exchange gifts and sweets and celebrate with food, decorations, and dancing. This is just one of the incredible festivals you can experience on a visit when you take a Gap Year to India!

Do a festival on your Gap Year to India


A trip to the incredible mountain regions of India will deliver you straight into the heart of winter with snow, freezing temperatures and refreshing, icy winds. The mountains in the north of the country make up part of the Himalayas, giving you the most impressive winter wonderland in the world! The AV India program is based in the foothills of the Himalayas, offering you the perfect vantage point to admire this natural wonder. You can even travel to neighbouring Nepal and experience the shift in cultures as you cross the border.

Don’t forget about all the warming Indian food to heat you from inside! Sample the country’s fantastically flavourful curries and rice dishes in the regions where they originated. These can be enjoyed whatever the season and wherever you are, appreciating the regional variations and seasonal ingredients that make them endlessly exciting.

Don't forget the delicious food on your Gap Year to India

Experience every season in one trip and one country with an AV Gap Year to India. It is guaranteed to be an adventure you never forget!

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