Work Experience in China

Exceptional language and work placements in a fascinating country. Fully flexible opportunities.

Mandarin Course (Optional)

Live with a Chinese family and have private Mandarin tuition to improve your proficiency.

Work Experience

Placements where you can develop an extensive range of skills as an English tutor for children and adults.

Adventure Travel

Make the most of your visit by experiencing some of China’s incredible cities & landmarks.

Work Experience in China: Program Summary


Departs: Anytime – choose your departure date

Duration: Fully flexible – choose your duration

Who can participate? All ages (18+)

Qualifications needed: None, but fluent English skills essential

Accommodation (Included in cost): Home-stay / Hostel

Work: English Tutoring – any age (young children to adults)

Explore further: The Great Wall, Yunnan, Tibet, Inner Mongolia



I'm an undergraduate, can I go during the summer?

Absolutely, yes! In fact we think it’s the perfect opportunity to gain essential work and language skills while experiencing another country and culture.

It will help you develop skills you may gain on an internship with the addition of international experience and adventure travel – the perfect combination.

So much better than being stuck in a stuffy office all summer making tea…  #notyouraverageinternship

How long can I go for?

It’s entirely up to you. We believe that the longer you stay, the more you’ll gain, but if you only have a few weeks, make the most of them!

Can I speak to someone who's done it before?
Absolutely. We think it’s really important to learn about the program from people who’ve done it before.


Just get in touch and we’ll put you in touch with our alumni.

What career is this experience valuable for?

We strongly believe this is experience that will benefit you whichever career you are looking to go in to. The skills you will learn are not specific to teaching. For example: team work, leadership, cultural awareness, problem solving, prioritizing, self-motivation, resourcefulness, initiative, independence, confidence & communication skills – the list is endless.

Our alumni have gone on to be medics, lawyers, accountants, bankers, teachers, policemen, prison warders and even started their own businesses or charities.

Even more importantly perhaps, many of our participants have found the experience invaluable if they haven’t yet chosen a career. It is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and see the world from a different perspective which may help you discover what you want to do in life.

Adventure Travel

We get it, you want to travel. That’s why we’re here.

> During your placement: You are free to make the most of the surrounding areas whenever you aren’t working. This may include spending time in Shanghai, which you’ll probably get to on the renowned bullet train.

> After your placement: If you’d like to travel more widely, you can extend your stay to go farther afield. We can help with advice on how to renew your visa.

Some of the amazing things you could do during your stay include:

  • Hiking and camping on the Great Wall of China
  • A bungee jump in Macau
  • Panda spotting

Our in-country management team can provide you with tips and ideas to make the most of your time.

Dates & Costs

Travel whenever you like, for as long as you like. Contact us for more details.

Create your own customized trip, or join a scheduled group departure – the choice is yours. See our Group Program Dates & Costs for details.

From £40 per day. See our Group Program Dates & Costs or contact us if you’re looking for a customized trip.

Language & Work Experience in China: Program Details

Briefing & Orientation

On arrival in Hangzhou, you’ll be met by our in-country manager.

After settling into a hotel next to West Lake you can enjoy a number of activities to help you get to know China.

It is a chance for you to ease yourself in to China, as at first, the pace of life here can be a little disorientating!

Our in-country manager will be on hand to help with everything, from learning the basics to showing you all the places you’ll need to know about in Hangzhou.

Mandarin Course: Optional

There is an optional Mandarin course (with home-stay) that you can join at the beginning of the program if you wish to do so (at an additional cost).

If you choose this option, after your introduction to China you’ll move in with a local family and study Mandarin for four weeks. There’s an average of 10 hours of private Mandarin tuition per week, allowing you to grasp a usable level of spoken Chinese.

The teaching style of this Mandarin course is modern and progressive in its approach, with students being placed in practical situations to learn oral Mandarin, and classes often being moved outside the classroom to locations such as local food markets or the banks of West Lake. At the end of the month, you’ll receive an internationally accredited certificate proving a competency in Mandarin (HSK certificate).

Outside of the classroom, you will have plenty of time to make new Chinese friends in the evenings and weekends.

Work Experience

After the induction course, and optional Mandarin course, you’ll start working in your tutor role.

We’ll arrange accommodation for you in a nearby hostel (which is included in the cost). You could be working with children or adults of any age (possibly even as young as two) who want tutoring from fluent English speakers.

Our work placements in China give you the chance to gain outstanding work experience tutoring English whilst being immersed in a different culture, and it is the perfect opportunity to practise your Mandarin.

On your days off we encourage you to travel to the surrounding areas – transport networks are good so you can explore and see the real China!


During the induction period, you will stay in a very comfortable hotel next to West Lake in Hangzhou. During this time, all your meals will be included; we will take you to a wide variety of restaurants to show you how much tasty and affordable food is on offer in Hangzhou.

During your work placement, you will stay in a hostel. An important part of the AV experience is living in local accommodation, shopping at the local markets, as well as enjoying some karaoke with your new friends in the evenings.

The accommodation during your placement is likely to be basic, with shared bedrooms, a communal area, a shared bathroom with cold running water and an Asian toilet. You will also have access to the Internet. You’ll be able to get your meals from local cafes and restaurants at reasonable prices – a great chance to get to know people and gain the best possible understanding of living there – you are not a bystander watching from afar.

If you choose to do the Mandarin course in Hangzhou, you will stay with a local family. You will have your own bedroom with shared bathroom, and the family will provide breakfast and dinner for you. You will be able to purchase lunch from a restaurant local to the language school.

All above accommodation during your AV program is included in the cost.

24/7 AV Representative Support

Whilst not living with you full time, the Africa & Asia Venture (AV) in-country manager is never far away and there whenever you need them. They can be contacted by phone 24/7 and will visit you during your program.

“All in all a great trip which leaves you with a great knowledge of Chinese life across multiple demographics, a feeling that you have helped and inspired young children though your English teaching and a set of skills (including a descent chunk of mandarin knowledge) which you did not have before.” Robert, China gap year program

Gain skills & experience whilst travelling - what could be better?

Get in touch for more details

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