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Immerse yourself in the culture and language, share your skills and be inspired by the amazing people.


About China

The world has now woken up to the fact that China will be the next superpower.  Its global influence, fueled by its size and unrivalled development, means that China can’t be ignored by any young person in the West.  Spending a gap year in China gives you the opportunity to find out more about this incredible country.

Its economic power and huge population are well known, but there is a hidden side to China that few outsiders see. It boasts a rural side, nestled in stunning countryside which rarely gets the coverage of the larger cities.

Our China gap year program provides a glimpse of life on both sides of the economic and urban-rural divide, with the Mandarin course taking place in cosmopolitan Hangzhou, a playground for China’s rich and famous, and the volunteering being based in a countryside village which has almost been left behind in China’s wave of development.



China Gap Year Program

Volunteering during a Gap Year in China with AV provides a fantastic opportunity to experience and understand the real China, while changing the lives of underprivileged children in Asia.

Our gap year projects and volunteer work opportunities in China begin in Hangzhou, regarded as China’s most beautiful city and located just 40 minutes from Shanghai by bullet train.

After living with a local family and learning Mandarin intensively for a month, you will teach English at a rural school for underprivileged primary school children, based in the stunning Thousand Island Lake District, just three hours from Hangzhou. You can also get involved with teaching other extracurricular activities such as music and sports.

The people are friendly and they will welcome you with beaming smiles!


Hangzhou is known for its beautiful summer climate. China does however have greater extremes of temperatures than most countries, getting very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

We recommend all volunteers check with a GP/Travel Nurse for up to date advice prior to travelling about anti-malarials and vaccinations as there are some areas you may visit which are malarial and will require jabs like Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies, Typhoid etc.

There are good hospitals in Hangzhou and the rural area where the volunteering takes place.

Our in-country 24/7 support team is lead by Carl Wangkan, who is on call from Hangzhou, and there will be an English speaking contact working at the school for more local support.

  • Malaria Area No, except in parts of the south
  • Wet Season (Global warming permitting!) Mar-Apr
  • Internet cafes Schools, Home-stay, Internet Cafes
  • Electricity Type 210-240 volt
  • Plugs 2-pin or 3 flat-pin
  • In Country Reps Ramsey Kerr
  • Language Mandarin
  • “Hello!” “Ni Hao!”
  • Money Yuan, Kuai, Renminbi, RMB
  • Visa or MasterCard Both

Help us make a difference by volunteering with AV in China


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