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AV Ventures

AVs gap year and volunteer projects provide a perfect balance between fulfilling community work, skills development, adventure, travel and fun.

Group based, but with a focus on the individual our volunteering opportunities are designed to give you the chance to fully immerse yourself and become part of a community in a different culture, off the beaten track. The exact nature of project work depends on you, what you want to do and the skills and talents you have to share. We recognise that not everyone wants to stand up and teach in a classroom, but there are so many different ways in which you can get involved. A few gap year ideas are; you could be coaching sports, running after school clubs, renovating school buildings or getting involved in the wider community. We give you the flexibility to make the project your own, with some of your own ideas and to use your initiative and develop your skills whilst helping others.  The big question is where do you want to go?

Gap year ideas in Africa, Asia and South America: 



Africa is the second largest continent on the planet. It captures hearts and imaginations, gets under one’s skin and draws you back time and time again! The idea is that AVs gap year and volunteer projects in Africa leave the guide book behind and take you in to rural communities, away from the luxury hotels or safari camps. Our volunteers can’t stop talking about the friendly people, vibrant culture, incredible wildlife, big skies, sunsets and fantastic landscapes that surround them, experience it for yourself and you will understand why.


Grace and Alice Pakang Sams

Asia covers 30% of the world’s land mass and has 60% of the world’s population, it’s big! AVs gap year and volunteering projects in Asia will take you to some of the most remote and stunning parts of the continent. Experience first hand the extraordinary contrasts in landscapes, people, culture and religion; communities full of history and tradition, bursting with colour.



Latin America is home to one of the most diverse demographic populations in the world, bringing together cultural influences from around the globe. AVs gap year and volunteer projects in Latin America are as varied as the landscape, people and culture. Learn Spanish, teach English, live and work in an eco-tourism lodge high up in the cloud forest or assist with the protection of leatherback turtles.

Mini Ventures

Mini VenturesYou don't have to be taking a gap year to volunteer overseas. If you want to get involved with a project but only have few weeks to spare, why not consider the idea of an AV Mini Venture? Experience five weeks on an overseas community volunteering project together with time for adventure and travel - great for those on a mini gap year, after university or for the summer break!

Summary of Activities

To you help you below is a summary of activities available for each Ventures.

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