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Kate Groch

Manager - South Africa

Kate Groch

"My dream is to influence and change the thinking of an entire generation."

Trained as a Zoologist and High School Teacher since 1993, Kate is now the owner of Future Nature, an educational business that explores learning opportunities in both the wilderness and rural communities of Africa. Kate has worked in the ‘outdoor classroom' with young people from South Africa and around the world. She is passionately involved in community upliftment and development, especially in young people, and helping them to fulfil their true potential and become contributing members of their own communities. She is on the ground for the AV students in Philippolis, which is her home and where she lives with her adopted daughter, Maya (motherhood; a new job that she is loving!).  After you have met Kate, whom our AVs reckon is a 'legend', you will realise she is well on the way to achieving her dream!

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